SNSD SooYoung cheers fans with her cute set of photos

SNSD’s SooYoung is here to cheer their fans who will take their exams soon!

Check out her set of cute photos below where she expressed,

There are probably test-takers amongst our SONE, too, right..?
Earlier, while MCing at Hanbam, watching the other stars rooting on their test-taking fans made me think of SONE..ㅜㅜ
I’m really sorry for not being able to prepare it beforehand…
If we were promoting, I could have cheered you on personallyㅜㅜ
The weather’s gotten cold, right? Make sure to go dressed warmly tomorrow!♥
Seeing the know-how’s taught on Hanbam earlier
They say it’s good to meditate during the resting period 😉
I think your mental attitude is most important!
Ahgoong (same as ‘aigoo’), I’m already feeling all admirable and proude???
Don’t be nervous, be strong, and do well
Let’s both meet with good news!!♥
Receive strength!! Bbyong bbyong!!“~


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