Wedding 1st Anniversary


2012. 11. 8 Suho and Jessica got married!

The day we got married :3

To: My beautiful noona, Jessica Jung or Mrs.Kim

It has been a year ❤ I am so happy that I could stay with you for 13 months ❤ more than 365 days aww aww ; w ; I will love you forever >< Let’s be the sweetest everlasting RP couple in the world! (there is a Kaistal couple that lasts for 2 years wow!)

Though sometimes I am a failed guardian, I won’t stop protecting you. I will hug you with my angel wings forever, baby. I know I am a bad guy because I like to sneak out to find my friends. I know you don’t like it. But sorry ;A; sometimes I miss my friends~ But it’s okay. I know I’m going to be hurt to if you do the same thing like me 😦

But, yang penting, I am so grateful to meet you. Those memories we create are the best moments in my life. I should thank God to send a beautiful gift like you 🙂 I will protect you like He does everyday.

Thank you my darling :3 dadar guling ❤

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