Lyrics [English/Romanization]

Album Track List:
01 . 다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)
02 . Beginning
03 . Perfect for you/Honey(소원)
04 . 다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)

Album Track List:
1. Oh!
2. Show! Show! Show!
3. Sweet Talking Baby
4. Forever
5. Be Happy
6. Boys and Girls
7. Coffee Caramel (Talk to Me)
8. Star Star Star
9. Stick Wit U
10. Day By Day
11. Gee
12. Genie

Album Tracklist:

01. Run Devil Run
02. Oh!
03. Echo
04. 별별별 (☆★☆)-Acoustic R&B ver.

SNSD Genie Japanese Version

SNSD – Gee Japanese Version

SNSD 3rd mini album
SNSD 3rd Mini Album

1. Hoot
2. My Mistake
3. My Bestfriend
4. Wake Up
5. Snowy Wish

 SNSD Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run Single

1. SNSD – Mr. Taxi
2. SNSD – Run Devil Run Japanese Version

SNSD 1st Japanese Album – Girls’ Generation
SNSD 3rd Korean Album – The Boys

1. The Boys 
2. Telepathy 
3. Say Yes 
4. Trick 
5. Spring Day (How Great is Your Love)
6. My J
7. Oscar
8. Top Secret 
9. Lazy Girl 
10. Sunflower 
11. Vitamin 
12. Mr. Taxi(Korean Ver.)
13. The Boys (English Ver.)

1st Japanese Album Repackaged Version – The Boys

SNSD – The Boys Japanese Version
SNSD – Time Machine

Tracklist:1. The Boys (JAPANESE Ver.)
2. THE GREAT ESCAPE (Brian Lee remix)
3. BAD GIRL feat. DEV (The Cataracs remix)
4. Time Machine
7. Gee
8. I’m In Love With The HERO
9. Hoot (Hoot)
10. Let It Rain
11. Beautiful Stranger
12. You-aholic
13. Run Devil run
15. Bonus track “MR.TAXI (Steve Aoki remix)

Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo – “Twinkle” Mini-Album

1. Twinkle
2. Baby Steps
3. OMG (Oh My God)
4. Library
5. 안녕 (Good-bye, Hello)
6. 처음이었죠 (Love Sick)
7. 체크메이트 (Checkmate)

1. Paparazzi

1. Flower Power
2. Beep Beep

1. Flower Power
2. Animal 
3. I’m a Diamond 
4. Reflection 
5. Stay Girls 
6. T.O.P 
7. Boomerang
8. Oh! 
9. All My Love is For You
10. Paparazzi
11. Girls & Peace
12. Not Alone

1. I Got a Boy
2. Dancing Queen
3. Baby Maybe
4. Talk Talk (Boomerang)
5. Promise
6. Express 999
7. Lost in Love – Taeyeon and Tiffany
8. Look at Me
9. XYZ
10. Romantic Street

1. SNSD – Love & Girls

2. SNSD – Lingua Franca

1. Galaxy Supernova
2. Do the Catwalk

Others (Solos/Covers)…

Sunny- Your Doll

SNSD and 2PM – Cabi Song
Sunny and Taeyeon – It’s Love / This Must be Love
Taeyeon – Can you hear me?
SNSD – Love Melody  
Seohyun – It’s Okay Even If It Hurts
SNSD – La La La (Vote Song)
Jessica and Tiffany – Only One for Me
Sunny – First Love (Cover)
Sunny – Finally Now
Taeyeon and Jessica – Desire and Hope
Seohyun and Kim Taewoo – Love Rain
SNSD – My Friend Haechi
Yoona – Innisfree Day
SNSD – Bogeul Bogeul Song (Samyang Ramyun CF)
Jumper feat. Yuri – Sparkling Eyes
Jessica – Sweet Delight
Tiffany – Ring (Banji)
Son Dambi feat. Yuri and Tiffany – Saturday Night
SNSD – Dreams Come True
K-Will feat. Tiffany –  A Girl Meets Love
Taeyeon and The One – Like A Star
Taeyeon – Byul
Sunny – You Don’t Know Love
Sooyoung and Yuri – Kkok
SNSD – Beautiful Restriction
Taeyeon – I Love You
Seohyun and Yonghwa – Banmal Song
Beautiful Girls (SNSD Praise Song)
SNSD – Visual Dreams (Intel CF)
Taeyeon and Kim Bum Soo – Different
Taeyeon – Skyline
Taeyeon – Goodbye Days
Taeyeon – Happy Line
Taeyeon – Yesterday’s  You, Tomorrow’s You
SNSD- Because I’m a Girl
TVXQ feat. Seohyun – Journey
Seohyun and Ju Hyunmi – Jjalajajja Lyrics
SM Town – Only Love
Sooyoung – Everlasting
SNSD – I can’t bear anymore 
Jessica – Overflowing with Tears
SNSD – Oh! (Original Version)
SNSD Taeyeon – I’m not Alone
SNSD – Touch the Sky
Taeyeon and Tiffany – Lady Marmalade
SNSD – Fantastic Japanese Version 
SNSD – Mr. Taxi (Korean Version)
Taeyeon and Tiffany – Reflection

SNSD – Boomerang
SNSD Jessica – Almost
SNSD Jessica & Kim Jin Pyo – What to Do / Perhaps
Miryo feat. SNSD Sunny – I Love You I Love You
SNSD Seohyun and Yoon Gun – Don’t Say No
SNSD Taeyeon – Missing You Like Crazy (King 2 Hearts OST)
SNSD Tiffany – Because It’s You (Love Rain OST)
SNSD Seohyun – I Will Wait for You (Fashion King OST)
SMTown – Dear My Family
Jessica and Krystal – Butterfly (To the Beautiful You OST)
Sunny and Luna – Its Me (To the Beautiful You OST)
SNSD Tiffany and SuJu Kyuhyun – To the Beautiful You (To the Beautiful You OST)
SNSD Taeyeon – Closer (To the Beautiful You OST)
SNSD Jessica – Heart Road (The Great King’s Dream OST)
SNSD Taeyeon  – And One (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST)
SNSD Tiffany  – One Step (All About My Romance OST)
SNSD Sunny – Second Drawer (The Queen’s Classroom OST)
SNSD Jessica – The One Like You (Dating Agency:Cyrano OST)
SNSD Taeyeon – Bye (Mr. Go OST)
SNSD Taeyeon – A Common Phrase Like ‘I Love You’ (Cover)

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